LI Wanzhao,ZHAN Xianxu,YANG Yong,et al.Changes of size and relative position of the internal unit during water uptake of wood-based panels[J].Journal of Forestry Engineering,2018,3(03):24-28.[doi:10.13360/j.Issn.2096-1359.2018.03.004]





Changes of size and relative position of the internal unit during water uptake of wood-based panels
1.南京林业大学材料科学与工程学院,南京 210037;
2.德华兔宝宝装饰新材股份有限公司,浙江 德清 313200
LI Wanzhao1 ZHAN Xianxu2 YANG Yong2 MEI Changtong1*
1.College of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037, China;
2.DeHua TB New Decoration Material Co.Ltd., Deqing 313200, Zhejiang, China
木质人造板 尺寸稳定性 单元体尺寸 单元体相对位置 X射线断层扫描仪 吸水
wood-based panels dimensional stability size of the internal unit relative position of the internal unit X-ray tomography water uptake
Wood-based panels have been widely used as basic decorative products and construction materials for decades. They play an increasing important role due to the multiple advantages, such as raw material compatibility, ease of implementation, adaptability to continuous processing and standardization of the products. Physical properties of wood-based panels are prone to be influenced by water uptake, which limits the application field of wood-based panels. Generally speaking, the water uptake could lead to dimensional instability and decrease in mechanical strength of wood-based panels. Understanding the variation of internal unit during the water uptake process, therefore, is essential for optimizing the production and application of wood-based panels. In order to investigate the size and relative position of the internal unit changes induced from the water uptake, specimens prepared from four types of medium density fiberboard(MDF), two types of oriented strand board(OSB)and one type of plywood(PW)were scanned before and after the water uptake process by using an X-ray CT scanner. The reasons of size and relative position changes caused by the water uptake in wood-based panels were studied. The influence of glue, additives and the way of mattress on the structural changes of wood-based panels was discussed during the water uptake. The results showed that the X-ray CT scanning could timely visualize the 3D internal structure of wood-based panels. The dimensional increase in wood-based panels after the water uptake mainly occurred in the thickness direction. The application of melamine modified urea formaldehyde(MUF)resin, paraffin emulsion and methane-diisocyanate(MDI)resin could improve the stability of internal structure of the MDF. The glue line detachment in phenol-formaldehyde(PF)glue line was prone to occur in OSB after the water uptake. The way of mattress in the PW could better stabilize the dimension and internal structure of wood-based panels during the water uptake. The results obtained from this study can be used in optimizing the processing technology and application approaches of wood-based panels.


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